Future of meet management

Why Switch to Swimify?

Competition day should be easy.. and with Swimify, it is!

With the help of our coach app scratches are synked in realtime to eliminate time consuming tasks, making sure your event can start on time, without any empty lanes by seeding shortly before the start.That in combination with our livetiming service and referee app enable you to run a paperless competition.

  • User friendly

  • Swimify is built to be intuitive and easy to understand with a modern interface. We use color coded states for events, rounds and heats. Rules and settings for point and reports are setup before your competition and with the Swimify Coach and Referee apps we reduce the manual work by the meet manager operator during a competition. Everything to get your competition running smoothly.

  • World Class Support

  • We have your back! Use our support platform to find the latest news, instructions videos, FAQ and downloads. Create support tickets and get personal support from us. Email: support@swimify.com or if it’s really urgent, give us a call!

  • Swimify LiveTiming

  • Share your competition with Swimify Live Timing, our online live results website running in Swimify cloud with real time synchronization via Meet Manager. Customize the look and feel of your competition online by uploading your own logos, sponsors and billboard image.

  • Apps for everything

  • Thanks to our apps for Coaches, Referees and LiveTiming we can now streamline the experience at all competitions, for everyone. The Coach app gives coaches easy ways of scratching swimmers and updating relay teams. The Referee app makes the competition run smoothly by allowing referees to easily enter disqualifications, without running between the pool deck and competition office. The LiveTiming app gives the swimmers and audience live updates of results and all race details.  

  • Drop in replacement

  • With Swimify Meet Manager it is easy to import and export both  results and entries files in Lenex format. This makes it a drop in replacement for your current meet manager.

  • Less empty lanes

  • With Swimify you can do the seeding for the session with the press of a button, just shortly before the start of each session. You just need time to print the start lists, or even better, you go can go paper less and use our LiveTiming app and Coach app to provide access to the start lists. By allowing coaches possibility to make scratches using the Swimify Coach app all the way until each session starts this removes almost all empty lanes, making your competition both better and faster.

  • Network database share

  • The meet manager competition can easily be opened by any number of computers in the same network. Each program automatically discovers the open databases, no need for complicated setup of share folders or IP-adresses. For example, Meet Manager can be running on the pool deck, handling the ongoing competition and another instance in the competition office to handle scratches and printing lists on the copy machine. The announcer can have a laptop with Swimify Announcer running at the same time as other instances of Swimify Announcer is used to show the live scoreboard or next heat on TVs around the facility.

  • Time schedule before seeding

  • With Swimify you get a preliminary time schedule even before seeding. This makes it easier to limit entries and limits can also be set by age group so not only the slowest swimmers will be removed.

  • Get Swimify in your language

  • With a complete set of translation files we can easily add new languages to Swimify. Contact us if your language is missing and we will be happy to help!