Future of meet management

Unleash the power of efficient meet management with Swimify - our cutting-edge platform utilizes 40 years of industry expertise to seamlessly synchronize data to the cloud in real-time, enabling paperless competitions through user-friendly apps for swimmers, coaches, and referees.

10 Countries, 600 Clubs, 7300 Competitions, 6.9M Results

Approved and tested for use with these federation statistics/entry systems: Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Slovenia, New Zeeland, Romania, Canada

Meet Manager

Simplify your swimming competition setup and management with Swimify Meet Manager. Easily add events, rounds, age groups and para settings to ensure efficient seeding of heats. With just a click of a button, you can print heat lists for the entire session.

Timekeeping data is inserted into the database by the timekeeping bridge which handles the commonly used systems on the market for example Quantum/Ares, Colorado and Alge. All timekeeping data is inserted into the database in real-time with a network or serial connection to the timekeeping system.

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Swimify can import and export result and entry files working with your team managagement software in both Lenex format and Hy-Tek, making it a drop in replacement for your current meet manager.

Does your country use custom data files for entry/results? Contact us and we can help you to create a custom import/export.

  • Give announcers and media extended live information on the current heat, with each lanes splits and lap times for the last 50, 100 and 200 meters. With a live summary of the events elapsed heats, its easy to track the leader and what to beat.

  • Open start, result and points lists in tabs instead of having them printed.


Empower your commentators and announcers with real-time insights using Swimify Announcer. They can easily access splits and lap times, as well as start, results, and point lists, all without the need for paper copies, providing a seamless and efficient experience.

With an HDMI-out on the announcer’s laptop you also get a scoreboard window to be shown on the arenas LED-Screen or projector.

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Swimify Para

It is easy to involve para swimmers in Swimify. All para classes can be found in Swimify Meet Manager and you can select the point system to use: WPS, Canadian Para Points or Multi-class.

Para swimmers are shown with their classification and points in real-time on the scoreboard so everyone can easily understand why the first swimmer to finish may not be the winner due to different classifications.

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  • Para swimmers can be fully integrated in able-bodied events and create separate results lists for only para swimmers. It’s also possible to have mixed prelims and create separate para-heats in the final session.

Image showing timekeeping computers at a swimming competition
  • Swimmers and spectators get pushed information of seeded lanes and results through the LiveTiming app.

  • Coaches can do their scratches of swimmers with a push of a button the the Swimify Coach App as well as enter the relay team compositions.

    Since no manually handling is needed, the deadlines for scratches and relay teams can be very close to the session start time.

  • Referees can enter disqualifications in Swimify Referee that automatically gets synced into Meet Manager. They will also see all splits and take over times in the app. With just a click, they can give a digital “thumbs up”, sending a signal to Meet Manager that the heat is confirmed and no disqualifications are coming.

Paperless competitions

Thanks to our apps for Coaches, Referees and LiveTiming  we can now run competitions completely paperless, for both swimmers and audience. This streamlines the work for all attending the competitions.

Referees can enter disqualifications in Swimify Referee that automatically gets synced into Meet Manager. They will also see all splits and take over times in the app.

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Experience seamless live data syncing with Swimify Meet Manager, providing real-time access to start lists and results for swimmers, audience, and organizers alike. Say goodbye to the hassle of uploading pdf or html files to your local web server.

Customize the look and feel of your competition by adding custom logos and billboard images to the site.

  • Your marketing team will love the customization possible by uploading your own banner and sponsor logos for each event.

  • Modern live results website for your competition running in Swimify cloud with real time synchronization via Meet Manager. No need to upload files to an FTP server.

Go to Swimify LiveTiming
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Screenshot of Swimify Live Timing Web showing view of heats and events
Image of mobile screens showing some of the features of swimify live timing app. The mobile screens show list of competitions and a list of events and sessions

LiveTiming App

For an even more convenient and efficient experience, use the Swimify Live Timing app on a mobile device, which offers additional features and functionality, such as improved views for swimmers and teams, and the ability to subscribe to specific swimmers and receive notifications for lane assignments and official results.

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Get push notifications on seeded events and results for your starred swimmers.

Follow your swimmers in real time with all splits and lap times.

Coach App

Streamline your competition with Swimify. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing piles of handwritten withdrawal and relay team forms, and empty lanes prolonging the session. With the Swimify Coach App, coaches can easily input this information in real-time, synced directly to Swimify Meet Manager.

Coaches enter scratches and relay teams by themselves. No need to hand in any paper or visit the competition office.

Changes can be made close upon the start of session since no manual work is needed to read and enter them manually into the system.

Image of mobile screens showing some of the features of swimify coach app. The mobile screens how to see/do withdrawals and how to change swimmers in relay teams
Image showcasing some features from the swimify referee app. How to do a disqualification is shown.

Referee App

Adhering to our paperless philosophy, the head referee can use the Swimify Referee App to quickly and efficiently enter disqualifications, confirm heats, and make changes to swimmers, ensuring a smooth and organized competition experience in cases when the officials are not close to the secretary handling meet manager.

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Give your referees access to all times, splits and take over times in an easy to use interface.

Confirming heats (thumbs up) by click of a button.

Enter disqualifications and select the reason.

Sport In The Box

Take your competition to the next level with Sport In The Box - our powerful playout system for swimming, featuring advanced TV and scoreboard graphics for LED screens. And for even more customization, take control of your scoreboard setup with custom graphics, tailored to your competition's needs.

Sport In The Box is integrated into Swimify giving the operator full control to showing timekeeping, start lists, result lists and name presentations at the same time as being a full blown playout system to show commercial videos and images in playlists.

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Competitions using Swimify

Bergen Swim Festival

Bergen, Norway

Swim Open Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

Helsinki Swim Meet

Helsinki, Finland

Swedish Nationals

Landskrona, Sweden

Rostock Masters Sprint Cup

Rostock, Germany

NZ Short Course Swimming Championships

Auckland, New Zealand

DM Kortbane

Vejle, Denmark

New Zealand Secondary School Swimming Championships

Hamilton, New Zealand

Atlantic Open

Vágur, Faroe Islands

And over 20 other compeitions every weekend

The Swimify Team

Swimify is developed by the Swedish company IC Control Media & Sport AB. We have a mixed group of developers with knowledge in .net, node.js, react and many have a swimming background which helps the understanding of our customers requests. We’re currently 14 employees where 7 is working with development of Swimify.

Our developers are regularly on site at competitions running Swimify, giving us a perfect opportunity to improve our system and test new functionality.

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Timeline of Swimify

Since our start in the late 80s with our first meet manager for MS-DOS “Grodan” (Swedish for frog) we have continuously innovated new and powerful solutions for the swimming eco system. Swimify Meet Manager was launched in 2018 and is our third generation Meet Manager. Today it is trusted by over 600 clubs in 8 countries.


Grodan DOS (Meet manager for MS-DOS)


WinGrodan 1.0 (Meet manager for Windows)


LiveTiming v1 (Online real-time web results)


WinGrodan 2.0, (Meet manager, completely rewritten with modern tools and better user experience)


Rebranding from Wingrodan 2.0 to Swimify Meet Manager


Swimify Cloud (Real-time synced database from meet manager to the cloud)


Swimify LiveTiming (Online real-time web results)


Swimify LiveTiming app, Swimify Coach app, Swimify Referee app


Swimify Admin